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Surroundings and activities in Mas la Casassa

In Mas la Casassa you will enjoy our surroundings in order to practise sports, walks, trips, visit museums, eat a great variety of food, listen to a concert in Auditory in Girona, attend to a business conference in el Palau de Congressos in Girona. For a beautiful holiday com to Mas la Casassa.

  • Ocine


    Latest cinema releases.
    Modern sound technologies and Digital and 3D screens.
    Free parking.

  • Girona Auditorium

    Girona Auditorium

    L'Auditori Palau de Congressos in Girona has the purpose of becoming a reference in musical performances not only in Girona but all over Catalonia.

  • Art Museum in Girona

    Art Museum in Girona

    The Art Museum (MDA) in Girona is owned by the Generalitat de Catalonia, the Diputació of Girona and the Bishopric of Girona.

  • Cathedral Museum in Girona

    Cathedral Museum in Girona

    The Museum includes artistic pieces that belong to the bishopric of Girona and in the past belonged to the decoration of the Cathedral.

  • Jew History Museum

    Jew History Museum

    The Jew History Museum has the purpose of preserving and divulging the history of Jew communities of Catalonia, which helped decisively in the progress and and cultural and scientific growth of the country.

  • Sala La Planeta

    Sala La Planeta

    The best independent theatre in Girona.

  • Cinema Museum

    Cinema Museum

    The Cinema Museum - Col·lecció Tomàs Mallol shows the evolution the human beings have carried out along History in order to represent real pictures.

  • Girona Municipal Theatre

    Girona Municipal Theatre

    Plays, concerts, dance and much more.

  • Cinema Truffaut

    Cinema Truffaut

    Every week a new movie in original version. 2 sessions x day.

  • Cultural Centre La Mercè

    Cultural Centre La Mercè

    The Cultural Centre La Mercè is a municipal and multi-purpose facility which offers assorted cultural activities.

  • CaixaForum Girona

    CaixaForum Girona

    CaixaForum Girona, the central office of l’Obra Social “La Caixa” in Girona is located in La Fontana d’Or and offers a wide range of social, cultural and educational options.

  • Salt Theatre

    Salt Theatre

    Big releases, big national and international hits and famous actors.

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